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The show either looks good and the minimum number of creatives had a crying fit. The pitfalls to using software in lighting design are similar to the use of computers for any other purpose. Determine your target market. The downside to using a non-lighting specific CAD packages for the production of 2D lighting plants is their lack of scaled stage lighting symbols to drag and drop into your plan and the immediate availability of other stage lighting data such as manufacturer details or specific calculations etc.

Similar to the previous visualisation section, there are things to be taken into account when choosing pre-programming lighting software and they fall broadly in similar areas: As the complexity of the design increases so does the number of people involved in making it all happen and the consequences of a planning or communication mistake.

Visualisation software in stage lighting should be used to communicate to someone else, you know in your head to be true. While there are a range of software options ranging from free to mega-expensive, some of those questions might be: Without an advanced knowledge of spreadsheet functions, we can still benefit from be able to at least set up an Auto Sum or tally and, using something like free Google Spreadsheets, collaborate on these lists in real time.

The ability to cleanly draw a lighting plan, print it out or email it.

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This is because much of the work of visualisation is done before contracts are signed, gigs got or anyone has even agreed to a hire budget. Do I just fancy a piece of fancy software to mess about with.

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There is plenty of information on these techniques, both the USITT guide mentioned above and any good book on stage lighting. This show up any potential problems with fixtures rigged too close to each other — another reason why symbol scale is important. If you regularly use a particular console, perhaps you can live with a break in connection with your cheap CAD drawing software and free spreadsheet program in order to have stronger ties with your console data.


Virtually any cost-effective energy efficient lighting project qualifies for a Custom Incentive. Custom Lighting Incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. However, as building designs are becoming increasingly intricate and complex, the need for BIM will only increase.

If you are already familiar with Adobe products, we are looking at Illustrator rather than Photoshop, and there are plenty of vector titles available including free software. Building Information Modeling Building Information Modeling BIM is not a new concept, but rather one that is playing an increasingly larger role in building development.

Perhaps in the future On Stage Lighting will do a series of tutorials on using Google Docs in lighting design. Introduction. Many State Departments of Transportation (DOT) use some form of nighttime work zone to conduct construction and maintenance activities on or near the travel portion of the road system.

Lighting Consultant: Fisher Marantz Stone. learn more about this product. Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. Architect: Amenta Emma Architects Lighting Consultant: Tillotson Design. learn more about this product. Docklands, Melbourne, Australia. Lighting Consultant: ARCHILUX.

learn. Many specialize in a particular type of design, like kitchen design or lighting solutions, and many augment their income by selling decorative products like accessories and furniture. We support America's small businesses. The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business.

Architectural Lighting Design can range from general illumination of an area to feature lighting of a particular subject matter. Architectural lighting will utilise specialist LED technologies to provide interior or exterior illumination of museums, landmarks, heritage, rooms, building facades, gardens, statues and other featured subject matters.

Big BIM v. Big BIM. There is a distinction that needs to be made between a Building Information Model and Building Information Modeling. These two are sometimes also.

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